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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

NHL Betting Preview

We are already 22 games into the regular season so for and this hockey season is stunning as usual with the Caps biting the dust against the worse ATS team in the league. Losing 5-0 to the Devils left even Ovechkin and president Obama speechless.

The New Jersey team is currently 6-12-2 this year and seem to be celebrating as if they won the Stanley cup for beating the nations home team. Any way Coopers Pick gives credit where credit is due and so the Newark based team gets their dues.

The question now is does this lead the way to a strong season or was it a fluke and the losing ways will continue with or without a mashed potato and turkey meal this Thursday.

The city of brotherly love and the Philadelphia Flyers are still on fire this season beating out the Montreal Canadiens the other night. This victory marked their 2nd straight puts them above the Caps @ the top of the league standings (14-6-2) but tied for points at thirty a piece.

The red wings are: 13-3-2, Canadiens 13-7-1 and Kings 13-7-0, are nipping at the top and are irreproachable.

Columbus Blue Jackets is 13-6, Tampa Bay Lightning is 12 7 2 & Avalanche are 12-7-1 all boast standout 4 gamers when the Pittsburgh Penguins 12-8-2 have taken down their third straight GO PENS get that one more to catch up with the rest of the league.

The Coyotes are 6-0 in their last six games and run over the defending champs the blues, canuckers, flamers, and oilers. Not a bad run to say the least.

The Oil men need some serious help as they have been shellacked as of late and are playing 1-5 in their last six against the spread so look to find some good betting sites to bet against them.

When the outlook is as bleak as it is for the Oilers (5-10-4) any win is welcome. And no side was as desperate as they were to get a win what with a six-game losing streak ahead of that clash, four of which were humiliating blowouts 7-1 to Carolina, 6-2 to Detroit, 8-2 to Rangers and 5-0 to Chicago.

As always if you need access to live nhl betting odds Coopers Pick is glad to be the place for all your hockey handicapping needs.


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